Omegle Girls Lifting Ban (UnBan) 2012

Written By sasasa on 11 Temmuz 2012 Çarşamba | 07:11

A previous articles (Chatroulette Ban Removal) How banımızı banlandığımızda kaldıracağımıza Chatroulette açıklamıştık.Çoğu user first 3 of the third method of applying the method to work, many people Chatroulette yarayacaktır.Aranızda Ban'ının opened bildirdiler.Fakat static ip address, using these methods, exceptIf you have a static IP service to users of the Chatroulette kaldıramayacaktır they unban Chatroulette Ban Removal methods. Users to chat with a special method that uses a static ip have added a new issue archive
(Support software) IP Switching (IP Changer) Programs and Lifting Ban

Many users complain Chatroulette's presence even though there is inappropriate behavior on the ban is punishment. Hide IP Platinum is the people who use static ip it bans, Dns Jumper, Real Hide IP Easy-Hide-IP and IP address can change and Chatroulette programs by downloading any of the logging can continue to chat with complacency.

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